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Located in Santa Fe, NM, Thermal Technic, Inc. represents two of the finest heat resistant alloy fabricators on the planet.
We serve the western states and can provide recommendations for increasing service life and quoting your alloy fabrications.
Call Doug’s cell or write to discuss your fabrications or schedule an on-site visit.
e. doug@thermaltechnic.com
c. 978 270 5674
Located in York, PA, Wire Mesh Products has been building quality belts for over 50 years. We serve many industries including Sintering, Brazing, Heat Treat, Carbon Fiber, Snack Food and Baking, Hermetic Seal, Powered Metals, Annealing and more. We can help solve your stretching, tracking, camber and splicing issues! With manufacturing headquarters located in Avon, OH, Qual-Fab is the stainless steel fabrication expert. Specialties include: Muffles, Retorts, Radiant Tubes, Trays, Fixtures, Diffusers, Bases, Recuperators, Pickling Hooks and more. Q-F is skilled in a wide range of alloys from 304 to RA 602CA. Certification includes GTAW/GMAW/FCAW/PAW/SAW.